Are you ready to get off the Marry - go - Round?

Simple - Cost Effective Divorce Solutions

Are you ready to get off the constant Marry-go-round?


Are you tired of the mounting court costs?


Are you ready to move on to your future with a SOLID - Customized Parent Visitation Plan for you and your family?


Are you ready to stop the conflicts and start the solutions?


Lots of Options for Success:

2 different on-line courses for you and your situation. These are designed to do at your own pace to create a solid plan!     These are step by step course for you for create a plan with your unique The courses address  situations and strategies you never thought of.  

The Parent Visitation Plan Process - on-course

This course can be done together or simultaneously - so you are not having a lawyer or court create your plan


Developing a Parent Visitation Plan when Divorcing a Narcissist - on-course

This course is if you are divorcing a more challenging or difficult parent,  This is essential to play the holes, plan ahead for the future and protect yourself and the kids!

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The Parent Visitation Plan Process

A comphrensive course going through every aspect of what goes on a SOLID - strong parenting plan.

Decrease conflict, Chaos and COST!


Do it ONCE and do it RIGHT!


Learn more about The Parent Visitation Plan Process - on-line course

Developing a Parent Visitation Plan when Divorcing a Narcissist

Are you divorcing a really difficult or challenging other parent?

Are you getting caught up on the smallest details?

This course will take you through creating a parent plan with strategies to  protect you and your kids

Learn more about Developing a Parent Visitation Plan when Divorcing a Narcissist - on-course


Child Focused

  • Children's best interests is the priority                                                                
  • Allows parents to focus on what is best for their children

Parent Led

  •  Parents work together to make a successful workable plan to meet their specific family needs.

Cost Effective

  • The parties go to a joint mediator rather than each party hiring an attorney. 
  • Open Communication - not legal manipulation

Examples of Course Lesson Topics include:


Get off the Marry-go-round

  • What are judges looking for?
  • Low Contact – No Contact strategies
  • Communication Systems
  • Making a CUSTOM plan based on YOUR calendar
  •  School Situations
  • Holiday Issues
  • Relatives
  • Medical Concerns
  • And Conquering Chaos
  • And MUCH more ….

The Parent Visitation Plan Process 

FREE - e-book  - learn about my story and stratagies that work to help you too!

5 Parent Visitation Plan Mistakes Landing Parents Back in Court

Developing a Parent Visitation Plan when Divorcing a Narcissist

Great a FREE e-book with strategies of working with a challenging of difficult other parent? 

Avoid Court Battles - 5 Parent Visitation Plan Mistakes Landing Parents Back in Court

Additional Personal Services Options:

Along with the course there is personalize support if you need it. I will help you through your process.

Personal Parent Plan Development Coaching

An additional option-  for each course.  This includes 3 separate sessions, guiding you through the process in creating your plan.


Family Transition Mediation

As a certified mediator I can help you work through the situations where you are having disagreements about terms in the plan.

Please note - if I am in a Personal Parent Coaching relationship with one parent -I can not be your mediator as well.  Mediation is impartial process.

Parent Coaching

During and after a dicorese when you become a single patron it is tough on the kids.  You may see behaviors r moods that are new to you and you are not sure how to handle it.  Parent coaching does nt requires. purchase of one of the on-line courses.  To find out more about parent coaching -

Family Transition Mediation

Are you waiting for an appointment with a mediator?  

Are you paying crazy prices for lawyers and court?

Are you wanting to have a complete parent plan and give your life some ease?

Talk to Dr. Judy to Find out more about - Family Transition Mediation

Parenting Coaching

Ar your kids behaviors increasing during this time?

Are the rules different at 2 different houses?

Are you finding it a struggle to be a new single parent?


Find out more about Personalized Parent Coaching

My name is Dr. Judy Sullivan Osterhage

I am an Early Childhood Specialist, teaching preschool and kindergarten for many years.  In fact, I was a mentor teacher for college students pursuing their teaching certificate.  I have teaching experience from preschool to college courses all related to Early Childhood Education.  I also have a degree in Elementary Education focusing on K - 12.  Later I earned my doctorate degree in Social Justice - Educational Leadership for Change.

Certified - Parent Coach

Certified Mediator - Family Specializtion

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