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Why Purchase Our Trafficking Awareness Course? The Human Trafficking Awareness Training Course from TraffickingAwareness.Org is the premier - Hotel and hospitality corporate training program in the United States. Courses also available in Spanish.

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With only 6 months to be compliant with Senate Bill-970 Employment: Human Trafficking Awareness, why waste time? Get compliant with a state-recognized trainer.

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Make Your HOTEL Compliant Today Beginning in 2020 all California establishments must have their entire staff trained on Human Trafficking Awareness. Why waste time and potentially hefty fines?

Human Trafficking

Prevent Human Trafficking Senate Bill-970 - Hospitality and Hotel Employment: Human Trafficking Awareness

Meet The Instructor Receive your state-mandated compliance training from a qualified trainer, recognized by the state of California State Chancellor's Office of Community Colleges

Judy Osterhage

Dr. Judy Osterhage A sought after California State Wide Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) Education Trainer & Conference Facilitator

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In addition to her Doctorate in Social Justice and Leadership for Change, with a Research Specialization in Childhood Trauma,  Dr. Judy Osterhage is a sought after human trafficking instructor for the state of California.

  • Recognized Statewide Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) – education trainer and conference facilitator
  • Currently supporting trafficking survivors acclimate and attend college
  • Worked closely with District Attorney Office Trafficking Task Force bringing community awareness
  • Has worked with at-risk youths for 25+ years transition into independence
  • Spokesperson for HOPE Refuge Inc.
  • Check out the most recent news about Judy interview here

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