You are probably ready for your kids to go back to school ...


But are they ready?

Struggling Parent?      Exhausted?     Frustrated?     Arguing?     Tantrums?


Are you nervous about your child starting school because of behaviors?


Teach Your Kids Skills That Will Last A Lifetime!

Starting School Strong

So much more than Academics!

A complete course -  full of practical, easy to learn skills that give your kids the social and behavioral advantage transitioning into school and throughout LIFE!


Positive Behaviors are Essential to School Success

5 Modules with 5 Lessons filled with videos, worksheets, blogs, ideas and success strategies for parents , grandparents and caregivers to settle the chaos.

Here are some of the skills you will learn

  • Morning Routines Without a Fight
  • Listening & Following Directions the First Time
  • Teaching Successful Choices and Decision Making
  • Setting & Enforcing Limits & Boundaries
  • How to Discipline Kids Without Losing Their Love
  • Conflict Resolution Between Children

The SKILLS you need to solidify your child's school success.

 Learn what the experts know - it's not all about academics.  


YOU can change the trajectory of success for your child in

Starting School Strong!


Interviews with educators helping you focus on what skills you can learn to make home and school more successful.


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Start Early!

You can start teaching most of these skills when they are 1 years old.

Celebrate your child!

Understanding their behaviors and setting limits will help them succeed!

Enjoy your Child!

Play and have FUN!  
Enjoy these early years!