Are you a struggling parent in recovery going through a divorce?


Does making a Visitation Parent Plan together seem impossible?




 Are you ready to make a FINAL plan  to stop the conflict and chaos?

In recovery parenting seems daunting and sometimes even impossible on its own.

Are you dealing with a difficult parent, trying to make a Parent Visitation Plan?

As a certified mediator I specialize in family law and specialize in Parenting in Recovery – Parent Coaching, transitions out of marriage coaching. 

Empowering parents to rebuild their lives, restore families, and reconnect relationships while navigating recovery

ABOUT Dr. Judy


Certified parent coach, early childhood specialist, certified mediator, teacher, Parent educator etc...

AND - Divorced, Single Mom

YOU do not want to go thorough the nightmare I went through!

My parent visitation plan had so many holes causing so much frustration and generated even more conflicts, arguments and  heartache (and heartburn).

I had no roadmap or guide and turned in a very vague plan not taking into consideration so many things.

After10 times in court and $42,000 of lawyers and court costs....  the judge ended up deciding on our plan!

 Wait ...  WHAT????    I did not even know that was possible.
Start out smart and strong making a SOLID plan.


Reducing the COST,  reduce the frustration and reduce the chance of going back and forth to court!


The cost of divorce can be so HIGH!

Mine cost $42,000

You can NOT afford to let someone else decide on your Parent Visitation Plan

  • Decrease conflict and COST!

  • Increase control and CALM!

  • Take Control over your future!

Are you ready to take action?

Examples of Course Lesson Topics include:

Get off the Marry-go-round

  • What are judges looking for?
  • Low Contact – No Contact strategies
  • Communication Systems
  • Making a CUSTOM plan based on YOUR calendar
  •  School Situations
  • Holiday Issues
  • Relatives
  • Medical Concerns
  • And Conquering Chaos
  • And MUCH more ….

Start today   - Make YOUR Plan!

This is a 6 module course
The lessons include video instructions done by Dr.Judy.   Along with  information segments, you get downloads and helpful court information pages. 

This is offered in a specific order and you can complete one module before you move on to the next. You go at your own pace, with the options to re-do modules or to make more download copies if needed.

This is your roadmap to a SOLID parent visitation PLAN!

Here is what Harmony shared:

Judy is a God send in our life!!! 

I came to her seeking guidance as a parent for my three children and took home with me tools that have completely transformed our relationship and family bond in ways I could never have dreamed possible!!! 


I'm forever grateful!!!

Thank you Judy.


E-course - Payment Plan Options 

Making a Parent Visitation Plan When Divorcing a Narcissist

E-course offer with Personal Parent Coach Options customized to YOU!

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