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You can NOT afford to let someone else decide on your Parent Visitation Plan

Decrease conflict and COST!

Increase control and CALM!
Are you ready to take action?

Start today   - Make YOUR Plan!

This is a 6 module course
5 lessons per module - 30 lessons in all. The lessons include video instruction and/or an information segment, downloads and helpful additional blog information on many pages.

This is offered in a specific order and you can complete one module before you move on to the next. You go at your own pace, with the options to re-do midlevels or to make more download copies if needed.

This is your PLAN!


Examples of Course Lesson Topics include:

Get off the Marry-go-round

  • What are judges looking for?
  • Low Contact – No Contact strategies
  • Communication Systems
  • Making a CUSTOM plan based on YOUR calendar
  •  School Situations
  • Holiday Issues
  • Relatives
  • Medical Concerns
  • And Conquering Chaos
  • And MUCH more ….

The Parent Visitation Plan Process  


Payment Plan Offers

The Parent Visitation Plan Process  


Offer with Personal Parent Coaching