Are you a struggling parent in going through a divorce with a Narcissist?


Does making a Visitation Parent Plan together seem impossible?


 Are you ready to make a FINAL plan  to stop the conflict and chaos?

In the middle of divorce parenting seems daunting and sometimes even impossible on its own.

Are you dealing with a difficult parent, trying to make a Parent Visitation Plan?

As a certified mediator I specialize in family law and specialize in Parenting Coaching when transitioning out of marriage. 

Empowering parents to rebuild their lives, restore families, and reconnect relationships while navigating a divorce

ABOUT Dr. Judy


Certified parent coach, early childhood specialist, certified mediator, teacher, Parent educator etc...

AND - Divorced, Single Mom

YOU do not want to go thorough the nightmare I went through!

My parent visitation plan had so many holes causing so much frustration and generated even more conflicts, arguments and  heartache (and heartburn).

I had no roadmap or guide and turned in a very vague plan not taking into consideration so many things.

After10 times in court and $42,000 of lawyers and court costs....  the judge ended up deciding on our plan!

 Wait ...  WHAT????    I did not even know that was possible.
Start out smart and strong making a SOLID plan.


Reducing the COST,  reduce the frustration and reduce the chance of going back and forth to court!


The cost of divorce can be so HIGH!

Mine cost $42,000

You can NOT afford to let someone else decide on your Parent Visitation Plan

  • Decrease conflict and COST!

  • Increase control and CALM!

  • Take Control over your future!

Are you ready to take action?

Examples of Course Lesson Topics include:

Get off the Marry-go-round

  • What are judges looking for?
  • Low Contact – No Contact strategies
  • Communication Systems
  • Making a CUSTOM plan based on YOUR calendar
  •  School Situations
  • Holiday Issues
  • Relatives
  • Medical Concerns
  • And Conquering Chaos
  • And MUCH more ….

Start today   - Make YOUR Plan!

This is a 6 module course
The lessons include video instructions done by Dr.Judy.   Along with  information segments, you get downloads and helpful court information pages. 

This is offered in a specific order and you can complete one module before you move on to the next. You go at your own pace, with the options to re-do modules or to make more download copies if needed.

This is your roadmap to a SOLID parent visitation PLAN!

Here is what Harmony shared:

Judy is a God send in our life!!! 

I came to her seeking guidance as a parent for my three children and took home with me tools that have completely transformed our relationship and family bond in ways I could never have dreamed possible!!! 


I'm forever grateful!!!

Thank you Judy.


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Making a Parent Visitation Plan When Divorcing a Narcissist


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