AB 2034 - BUS Station - Bus Driver Employees


Human - Trafficking Awareness Training

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Avoid the the stiff penalties of not having your employees trained

$500 the first time $1,000 every time after - for each employee!

Employees must be trained within 6 months of the hiring date.

Employees must be trained every 2 years.

Easy, convenient and quick way to get into compliance: 

All your employees take the same course, have the same certification

Training can be completed on computer, tablet or phone

Employees can become in compliance in less than an hour

Easy data tracking - Participants and employers  will both receive a certificate of completion

Purchasing options are designed to work with few or many - depending how many employees you have

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AB 2034 - BUS DRIVER Trafficking Awareness - Course

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NOTE: The purchase includes course codes to train current employees, new employees and re-certified employees required every 2 years

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This bill would require, on or before January 1, 2021

.... bus stations to provide training to new and existing employees who may come into contact with, a victim of human trafficking

Failure to comply with the new law will subject business to a civil penalty of $500 for a first offense and $1,000 for each later offense.